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Have you ever been in a place in your career or life where you just don't want to be?  Perhaps you are stuck in a job that is going nowhere, or maybe you are in a decent job, but it just isn't what you want to do in life?  It is difficult to transition to a new industry or job after one has built a 10 years career or longer in a particular occupation. You want to change and do something different, but that could present a significant cut in salary and starting at the bottom once again.  Does this sound like you or a loved one?


Without a doubt almost all people rethink where they are in life as they approach a mid-career point.  Some wish they could go back to college and start all over again and get a different degree or advanced degree to pursue an entirely different career altogether.  Others know they are in the wrong place and…

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8294489076?profile=original Hi Linda,

I'm interested in getting into pharmaceutical sales and have the following qualifications:
1. B.S Biochemistry
2. CNPR Certified
3. Over 2 years of direct sales experience

Recent coursework with credits and certificates (will add to brag book) in the following:
1. Medical Terminonlogy
2. Pharmacology
3. Physiology

Some things that concern me are the following:

1. The sales experience is not Business to Business nor is it in a medical field.

2. I do not have awards for my sales experience because we are instead given more hours and small cash bonuses ( so nothing to add to my bragbook to prove my sales numbers)

3. I only have just over the minimum number of years in sales experience (just over 2 years)

4. I don't have a criminal record nor a DUI , however my credit…

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Signs of a tendinitis and how to cure it

The muscles are joined to the bones by means of Knee Surgery that are called tendons and that are in charge of transmitting the necessary force of the muscle to the bone to generate the movement.

When we talk about what is Tendonitis? We talk about tendonitis. However, although it is painful, it is usually not given much importance and we do not "take care" of the injury as we should but time Treatment for Knee Pain NJ is must otherwise it become a big health issue.

What Is Tendonitis in the Knee and the signs of a tendinitis?

The symptoms that warn us that we suffer an injury of this type are the following:

  • The pain is the main symptom, either near the joint or tendon path.
  • The discomfort gets worse with movement and is more intense at night.
  • The palpation or rubbing also hurts.
  • Sometimes the area is red, hot and…
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8294488689?profile=original My name is Derek and I have a very sincere and specific question for you. I'd like to explain to you my situation so the question comes off more clear and precise. I'm a 21 year old college student that is double majoring in sales/marketing. My freshmen year of college, I was striving to become an ER nurse, but changed directions the following year. I went into business, but knowing how competitive and social I am, I decided on sales. I reached out to any and all medical device sales reps that I could possibly reach (15+) of all different companies. Finally, I caught a massive break and was brought on board as an employee of a global medical device company.

I'm working alongside and getting mentored by a very accomplished manager within his distributorship. So for a year and a half now, I've been getting firsthand knowledge, and hands-on experience within this…

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