8294478062?profile=originalSo how does one work with a Headhunter if all they care about is getting a head for their open job?  I felt compelled to write this follow up article to my last Blog since it kicked up so much dust on the Linkedin Groups; Recruiters ARE Headhunters: Don't Enlist Them to Help You..!  I had one well meaning gentleman get back to me and state ever so bodly, "I feel you are wrong in your assumptions in your article, my friends and I have found recruiters to be most helpful in positioning us for their open jobs".  I replied, "Exactly, the Headhunter thought your resume could possibly be a fit for his open job and you immediately became worth the time to position you for his opening". 


So back to the original assumption, which I happen to know is correct and I do suggest you give the earlier piece a read, if YOU are the Job Hunter looking for a new opportunity AND you know that a recruiter will only be interested in your paperwork IF he has an opening you are a fit for. So how do you engage the recruiter?  Remember, regardless of whether you are a Jobhunter or a Headhunter, each party is going to be seeking something that is a best fit for themselves and grabs their attention.  Always keep in mind that most Headhunters are straight commission and time is money, so they have to spend their time wisely!


So how do you work with a Headhunter and getting his attention?  Just like calling on a customer if you are a sales person, you must know their hot buttons and how to work efficiently to maximize your time and develop an ongoing relationship.




  1. Always know the current jobs the Headhunter has just posted!  The new jobs just posted (within the last 3 to 5 days) are hot off the press and that Headhunter is looking for fresh meat!  He is early in the hunt and he is taking names and making calls. 
  2. Don't email or call a recruiter in this day and age and ask him if he has any openings, that is so 1990!  Follow your top recruiters open jobs!  Here are some easy ways to do that, you can go to my Job Tab right here on this site  and put in the recruiters name in the Search Box (we have ALL the jobs from all sites fed to our Groups Job Tab as an Indeed Affiliate and it is refreshed every night at midnight).  OK, sorry for the plug, but we have the tab there for you so you can stay on YOUR Job Hunt game!  So, go ahead, put the name of the recruiter in the box and you will see every job that recruiter posted within 24 to 48 hours!  FRESH JOBS!  You can follow most recruiters open jobs on Twitter and on Linkedin too!  No excuse on not knowing what is hot on his platter!  Now when you send your resume you can reference his new job opening IF YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR IT!
  3. What if the Recruiter does not have even one CURRENT opening in your location or with your background requirements?  Well throw a little bait to that Headhunter!  Take a harder look at his openings and if this is a Recruiter that looks reputable (ok, that is another Blog right there! identifying those that are reputable, but let's save that for another day) and has the type of jobs you are a fit for then reach into your bait bag!  Pull out a a head from your list of contacts that MAY BE A FIT FOR one of his current openings.  Send the email and put that in the subject line; "I have a friend you may want to call for your xyz job and looks like a fit", then send him a Linkedin Link to that person in the email.  Ask the Headhunter if he would like you to introduce your great contact to him and you would like to connect on Linkedin too and send him your resume for his future openings!  Now that is cool, once Linked to the recruiter you will always see his new openings!  Now he is receptive to receiving your resume and he will remember you vs. just emailing it him.
  4. Let him know you have many qualified contacts and you would like to support him when possible and you would like him to keep you in mind when there is a new opportunity.  Send a little hello on Linkedin to him once a quarter, develop a relationship.  I had a 20 year long staying-in-contact relationship with my recruiter through the years and that was before Social Media!  He would call me first for referrals (and I never was paid either for that, I knew it was good business for both of us, my insurance plan of sorts!).
  5. Once you have sent your resume into the Recruiter he does have it, but recruiter data bases can exceed 50,000 resumes and they have to work to find you again; stay on top of that Recruiters new openings and if you are qualifed, reach out to him right away, send another resume if it has been awhile..not 5 per week for every opening you see he has!


Just remember, for the above 5 Tips to work, you must have a resume that would be a possible fit for that Recruiters type of openings and not have any fatal resume flaws; no matter how many contacts you throw his way, if your resume is not dent free, a recruiter will probably not be able to place you in one of his openings.  As we discussed in other Blogs, if you have some major blemishes on your resume, I encourage you to bypass Recruiters and use direct-to-hiring manager or hiring company techniques to conduct your job Search. 


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