You see a job of interest on a Hiring Company Website (like a Covidien or Johnson and Johnson) and you quickly apply to the position. A few days later an Independent Recruiter calls you on that same position and you are astounded that they cannot present you to the hiring manager for the very job you applied for on the company website. In fact, you may NEVER be presented to that company by an Independent Recruiter now that you applied directly to their website!

At best, you are now considered their "Internal Candidate" for 1 or 2 years whether you are EVER called for a job within their company. You have now made yourself "hands off" to ALL Independent Recruiters who fill for ANY DIVISION of that company! Yikes, you had no idea, right?

I have to explain this situation at least 10 times a week! Job Seekers are horrified when they realize that a 10 minutes application on a company website has made them virtually restricted or dependent upon the Company In-house HR Recruiter finding their resume swirling around in a large company's database. Yes, their resume is in the hands of an HR Recruiter who typically makes a yearly salary and, at best, may receive a small bonus for filling their internal job openings (although most do not make a bonus). Independent Recruiters in our industry are typically Contingent Recruiters....that's 100% commission baby! No fill, no paycheck: you decide who is going to have the greatest motivation of finding talent for the Hiring Manager!

In addition, most Independent Recruiters talk to their Hiring Managers every week when there is an opening, they have a relationship with their Hiring Managers. I have worked with many of my Hiring Managers now for YEARS, we are a true team trying to get HIS or HER sales force a GREAT person. I stay tuned in on how that person is doing through the years! Ask a Hiring Manager how often he is speaking to his HR Recruiter in a large firm when he has an opening, "not often", will be the response.

Don't get me wrong, Hiring Managers will interview the "Internal Candidates" when the HR Recruiter pulls them from their database, but does that HR Recruiter KNOW YOU? Is that HR Recruiter accessible where you can pick up the phone and call them when they don't have a job for you? Try calling an HR Department of a large company, they won't even let you find an individual's name, e-mail or telephone number most of the time! I am not saying an Independent Recruiter will call you back every time, but you have a way better shot than working with a busy and faceless HR Department!

By the way, I don't blame HR, they have tons of responsibilities that often go beyond just hiring people and if they are a dedicated Internal Recruiter, they are trying to fill a ton of jobs of ALL specialties. This becomes too much for one person to do effectively. Hence, they hire folks like me to help them. Human Resource people are my customers too, a very important customer and the reason I have held back this article for 2 months now! I need them for my contracts and it is great when we work as a team to fill an opening, but I am now writing this article for the Job Seekers of only the Members of the Linda Hertz Group; NEVER just apply to a company website job portal and expect to be called UNLESS you are a perfect match for the job and even then, you may get lost if you don't have the right "keyword" search on your resume or even if it is a direct application to a specific job...BIG company's will get hundreds of direct applications they have to sift through!

I had one candidate last week, who was a Pharma Sales Person who just lost his job, inform me that he applied to EVERY major company website in the industry! He was horrified to find out that I could not present him for the 2 positions I had, he was now their "Internal Candidate". He has 1 shot of being found and called, 1 Inside Recruiter handling 20 other openings had to find his resume in their large data base. It was then that I decided I needed to publish this article for the benefits of others. Don't let this be you!

Yes, there are times when you should apply directly to a company's website, but it should be AFTER you exhausted other better strategies. Applying directly to a Company's Website should be an action of "last resort", when all other approaches have failed. As most people know, I was a Hiring Manager for many years, and I use to give this same advice when I worked for the hiring company!

As a Hiring Manager, I knew that people would get lost in my own company data base and the HR Recruiter really did not know me and who I liked to how could they accurately and consistently send me people that were a fit while they were trying to also find an Engineer or Accountant for our company at the same time?

My Independent Recruiter, who I used for years, knew me, knew my job intimately AND he only placed Medical Sales People....period! He would find me top talent very quickly because he understood the Job Seeker profile I wanted to see for my openings. I also knew he was ALWAYS talking to Medical Sales People ALL the time, he was plugged-in!

The Decision is yours, apply directly to a Hiring Company's Website for a Job or Apply to an Independent Recruiters Position; don't let it be a Fatal Decision to your Job Search!

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