8294476485?profile=originalGetting a personal email address that looks good on a resume is one thing, getting an email address to build a future business upon (consulting anyone?) is quite an art form.  Attempting to do this while you are currently employed, without creating a conflict of interest with your employer, is another matter altogether!  The irony of trying to start a business while employed is risky business when one is trying to Self Brand themselves for whatever business model they want to build; integrity and "your good name" must be as one. 

So how does one Self Brand themselves as they work the daily grind and pressures of today's Corporate America or Corporate Britain..or wherever you may live and work? Answer: VERY CAREFULLY!  Most people who have ascended the corporate ladder have gathered very specific expertise within their discipline and often dream of one day ending corporate life and start their own business; consulting or some other small business model.  The easiest way to get started is to pick a Domain that you will begin to use immediately for your personal use TODAY in the form of personal email address, but will be the foundation for your business email and website address for your tomorrow's. There are 2 ways to go about it:



  1. If your name is well known within your industry, then use it!  The easiest place to start is obtaining a domain name that is hopefully your name; think of Charles Schwab (schwab.com).
  2. If you don't want to use your name but one specific to your industry of interest then again, figure out a Domain name that will be best for your type of business.  People spend fortunes on marketing expertise to figure out a best name and there are very few .com's left to choose from, but maybe you will get lucky!  Look at what MedReps.com did?  Short, sweet and to the point.


Now for what type of Domain to get?  Should it be a .com, .net, .org?  The most popular is still a .com; it is still the preferred domain and of course, the most difficult to find available.  Start with .com, then .net and .org use to be just for educationally oriented sites, but you can still use it if the first two are not available for your Domain Name of choice. A couple of years ago domain companies began promoting ".co" ; the jury is out on how those are working and if confusion may occur with people thinking it should be .com and is a typo.  Just my thoughts on that.  You can go to the front page of any Domain Company site and most have search boxes where you can plug in your desired Domain name to see if it is available. 


So how do you go about getting a Domain and what services would be best for you? There are many domain service companies out there, but the two most popular remain GoDaddy.com and Register.com.  I have used both extensively and this is what I have found and perhaps it will help you decide which one to use:

  1. GoDaddy.com is probably the best known to the general public Domain Company.  When I want to just buy domain names and park them (not use them, just make sure I own them to secure for future use) I buy them in 5 year packs (you can buy Domain Names for 1 yr., 2 yr. with renewal options.  The longer out your go, the cheaper the price.  The more popular the name that you may have selected the higher the price.  Go Daddy is Cheap and, in my opinion, if you just want to secure a name to use for your personal (for now) email address..go Go Daddy!  If you want to actually launch a website yourself and get going building your business now, then you may want to pick a better Personalized Service company like Register.com.  Sorry, Go Daddy, but when you need assistance and someone on a phone that can help you...not so good.  Also beware that Go Daddy adds a base price and then it quickly gets expensive by adding their "value adds".
  2. Register.com I prefer for the domain names I need to launch a website and/or get personalized service.  For a little more money I feel they present a number of really nice options PLUS you can call them and almost always get quick prompt help and service.


Of course some of you may not want to pay the money for an email address, and I have written a collection of articles on the power of branding oneself using free email services, but if you plan on hanging out your own shingle one day, it is best to start paying a little money to invest in your own future!  Your OWN Domain Name can be the foundation and beginning of everything you have worked towards your whole life.  It's hard to give up a dream when you are staring at it every day in your email box!  

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