8294479270?profile=originalNot so long ago Medical Sales Recruiters had TONS of jobs and we had to really hunt for people who wanted to make a career move. Now, we have TONS of people looking for the few jobs that are out there. The groups of people looking fit into several categories:




  • Those that have been laid off
  • Those that are still fearing a lay off, but currently have a job
  • Those that wanted to quit their job two years ago and they have had it, they want out now!

This last group is battling conflicting emotions of hating their job and being miserable at work, yet knowing they are just lucky to have a job right now and feeling guilty that they are complaining about it! They also indicate a “double guilty feeling” that they may take a job that someone else really needs. OK, if you are unemployed right now, you are probably saying “get over it, I have no sympathy for you! Just get some therapy!”.


Regardless of the reasons why, the bottom line adds up to a Ton of people looking for work. Recruiters will post one job and have hundreds of applications. I know it is bad out there when I clearly post a job for a Nurse Position (yes, must be a RN or BSN), and I get Business Majors applying for it! More than one has indicated they were really good in Science class 20 years ago, before they switched their major to business, and to top it off they are sort of like a clinical person because they sell a technical medical device product (e'm no...not close to qualifying)!


Recruiters normally get paid ONLY when they find the right person and get them placed in the job; recruiters are often straight commission with no base. We try to slice through all the "noise" of hundreds of e-mail resume applications, and phone calls to find that one person who is going to be a pay day.


There is not one recruiter out there that has not kicked themselves because they missed a placement with a candidate they had in their data base or e-mail box because they overlooked the resume due to volumes pouring into them daily. The Job Seeker never got the first interview, because they did not know how to grab the attention of the recruiter! How can you prevent or minimize this?


It is very simple, you have to put a "look at me" type subject line in the e-mail you send to the recruiter (with your resume attached). So what subject header is an attention grabber? You tell me:


What E-Mail would you open FIRST as a Recruiter?:

  1. I am your Man for the job
  2. I am built like a football player (fortunately this was a Man who sent that one!)
  3. I am your sales superstar
  4. I think I dated you in High School
  5. 3 Time Presidents Award Winner
  6. Stop looking, I am it!
  7. I am in Pharma, but I look like a Medical Sales Rep.
  8. Hi Linda, is your TN Job Opening w/ConMed? I have surgical sales
  9. Unemployed for 1 year, good reasons why

By the way, all of these are real e-mail subject lines that I receive and only ONE of them grabs my attention and I open it first everytime. One hint, it is not No. 4!


The attention grabber is No. 8! It hits a recruiter at many different levels, but the main thrust is that the sender of e-mail number 8, did his or her homework very well (if he is right) and I want to get to that candidate BEFORE they submit their resume to ConMed Directly OR to another recruiter if they are good. How do I know if they are any good? I HAVE TO OPEN THE E-MAIL and look at the resume! Mission accomplished for the candidate AND if they are good, they will get called RIGHT away.


Here were the elements that drew me to opening that e-mail first

  1. Linda: The Candidate used my name as an opener
  2. TN: He specified the location of the job (some jobs are hotter than others to a recruiter)
  3. ConMed: He guessed the name, gasp, of "my secret"...the hiring company's name. That is striking gold, I don't want that guy applying directly to anyone first so I lose my placement fee. Even if he is wrong on the name, it will intrigue me...does ConMed have an opening there?
  4. Have Surgical Sales; He indicates he has the background for the job I have

Bingo, bingo, bingo, bingo...IF their resume looks "half" good, I will probably still call, because if I don't, they may be good and they know "my secret" to apply directly! By the way, I will then open No. 5 on the e-mail list next AFTER I call No. 8! Who will not open a resume from a President Award Winner?


So the next question you must have is "How did e-mail sender No. 8 figure out all that information"? The answer is understanding how to become an Aggregate Job Board Player. You must understand first how to find all the jobs posted in your area with your key search words. That link will take you to my previous article to understand the basics of Aggregate Job Boards.


My next article will show you how to use Job Postings within the Aggregate Boards and other techniques so you can find the information to compose your own E-Mail No. 8 to grab your recruiters attention! Do I have yours now? Here is the Next article now written! Enjoy!


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