Will a Recruiter Help You Get A Job?

8294487878?profile=originalAs an Independent Recruiter, I know a Job Seeker is going to have a rough time finding a job if he sends me an email like this:

  • I just lost my job and I need a recruiter to help me find a new one, when can I talk to you?
  • Your lucky day!  I am a top sales candidate and here is my resume so you can find me a job.
  • Please call me, I want to discuss my resume with you for your openings.
  • I emailed you before, I want to tell you what type of job I am looking for.
  • Please help me get a job.

The answer is yes and no. We can help you find a job in a sense, but not with this approach and not in this way. These Job Seekers just don't get it! Let me share why and also save you a lot of time and increase your effectiveness at conducting your job search. I promise I will make it short and perhaps not too sweet (sorry). 


Recruiters have a job opening, much like an open hole on a childhood play workbench, we get rewarded when we find the right peg for the hole. So we are not searching for new holes for the peg, we are searching for new pegs for the hole that will be a fit. We get paid when we find that peg, because the person who owns the hole is paying us to fill it.  Simply put, Job Candidates are Pegs and the Job Opening is the Hole.  

I bet about now you are thinking, "Yes, and that must be why a lot of recruiters are A-Holes!" Sorry, but I could not resist and this article is not going to be published on the MedReps Ask Linda Column now for sure! Seriously, I get it. Those darn recruiters are not calling you back and just plain unresponsive!

I will share a recruiter secret I learned many years ago when I first opened my recruitment business from a very tenured recruiter at the time. This is what he told me and it will help you understand why you are wasting your time asking a recruiter to help you.

"A recruiter will go broke trying to find a job for a job candidate and you will also go broke talking to candidates you have no job for currently."  

In fact, I must give credit to this recruiter for the "Job Seeker is the Peg and the Job Opening is the Hole" example.  He was the A-Hole I got it from! Can you tell I am having a little fun with this article?

Over time I got it and I became an A-Hole too and I also stayed in business and prospered!  In addition, I have found a great number of Pegs a lot of Hole's they were a perfect fit for over the years.  So simply and sweetly put, 

Just send your darn word doc resume to the recruiter and merely put in the title "for current or future openings." That's it! 

Trust me, recruiters will call you if they have an opening that is a fit for you, because they are trying to fill that hole to get paid by their hiring client. In this way a recruiter can help you get a job as they try to make their own living. (additional articles on working with recruiters)

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