8294475082?profile=originalBelieve me, it is distracting to write an email to a man named Steve who has applied for a 120K year job when his email address indicates the sender is named Nancy (I presume his wife) or his dog named Fido.  I don't know why it appears to be more male Job Seekers feel they need to use their wife's email address to send their resume and correspondence to employers and recruiters than take the 10 minutes to set up their own account (it appears BOTH men and women like setting up their email addresses for their dog)!  I wrote an article of few weeks ago centering upon, Is Your Email Address Showing Your Age? Get Hip With it! thinking that I will help people get updated email addresses (hotmail vs. Gmail accounts) then this week came along and all I can say is WOOF WOOF!   Le'ts back the truck up and start from the beginning!  NO! NO! fidoloveshisbone@xxx.comis not an email you should use for branding yourself!

Let me share my open jobs posts that brought about a slew of unfortunate email mishaps from Job Seekers.  I had a Nurse Clinical Support Position and a Sales Manager Job posted...WOW, two diverse groups of people applying to those respective jobs: loving nurses and serious business men and women.  Each Group had their own form of email branding:

  1. Care giving patient-loving nurses who also love their dogs, their kids, their current husbands and their hobbies and they are going to have emails that reflect it by God!  So I received emails for those applying to a professional 120K job, FULLY loaded benefits with company car, stock options. I saw emails addresses that were like: lovemykids@xxx.com (sorry have to do that XXX thing or you guys will try to email them!), lovemydog@xxx.com, passionforpeople@xxx.com, nurseylove@xxx.com and blondebunny@xxx.com (don't ask me about the last two!). 
  2. "Seasoned" guys applying to my Sales Manager job in Florida and using their wife's email or some dumb thing they put together back 20 years ago when we did not know what we were doing picking an email...one guy who's name was Frank...used Shirleywifey@xxx.com to apply to an executive position!  I don't know why, but I have yet to find a wife who uses their husband e-mail box as their own, but husbands?  Oh they just love to apply to jobs using their wifes email box! Back to the Florida job; the worst old guy email box?  golfismylife@xxx.com !  Yep, going to hire that hard working dude right away! 

As you know I am having fun with this, but seriously...this came in just this week!  What is the point?  The point is this, Email is a SELF-BRANDING tool and the above examples show a total lack of regard for what could be a powerful tool to help you not only compliment a professional resume, but more importantly be used throughout your life as YOUR professional stamp that goes out with EVERY E-MAIL you send! 

Selecting an email address can be an artform when it is done correctly, an email that brands you as a professional in whatever industry you are within.  Yes, at this late stage of email communication it may be difficult to find a way to brand your name; most of the good ones are taken, especially if you have a common last name like a Smith, Martin, Matthew or Jones, but it can still be done with a little creativity!   I will share that with you on the next Blog, Self Branding; 6 Steps To Finding an Effective Email Address or at Least Not Picking a Stinker, so for now...STOP trying to brand yourself as your wife, a mother, a golfer, a lover or your dog or cat when applying to a career opportunity in our industry!  Save those email addresses for when you RETIRE...or get so rich...you don't give a damn!  Until you reach that point?  Don't use an email address that is really for the dogs; Ruff Ruff!

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